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tv   America This Morning  ABC  February 5, 2015 4:00am-4:31am PST

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. making news in america this morning, tragedy on the tracks. investigators sifting through debris at the deadly train crash in new york. what we've learned about the mother behind the wheel of the suv stuck on the tracks and heroic actions from the train's engineer. new details in the transasia crash. overnight people making their way to the scene. a major health attack at one of the biggest health insurance companies in the country. 80 million accounts affected. curvy feature. this year's "sports illustrated" swimsuit edition unveiled. who is the model making history on the pages?
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and good thursday morning to you all. we do need to start with the search for answers in that deadly canadian the man operating the train being called a hero. steven small is being treated for emotional trauma and smoke inhalation. >> being credited with helping passengers after surviving the crash himself. abc's bazi kanani has the latest on the investigation. >> reporter: federal investigators are carefully examining the charred wreckage removed from the scene of the deadliest dent in the history of this busy new york commuter rail. six people killed instantly tuesday on the commute home from work about 20 miles north of new york city when witnesses say a plaque suv gets stuck beneath the crossing gates. the train unable to stop in time pushing the exploding suv a
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thousand feet down the tracks. ellen brody, a mother of three, was behind the wheel. >> whoever she encountered in life she just -- they left smiling. >> reporter: smoke poured from the train as passengers scrambled to escape. >> things started to at least appear to fly in the car and then maybe it was sparks that were shooting off and it was just a lot of devastation. sort of hard to understand given what happened. >> we init end to find out what makes this accident different. what made it different that caused this to be fatal to five people on board that train. >> reporter: investigators acknowledge crashes like these between a vehicle and a train rarely kill riders. in this case they believe the electrified third rail ripped from the ground and piercing the train cars may have been the deadly difference. they're working this morning to find out how it became dislodged and why the suv was on the tracks in the first place. bazi kanani abc news
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washington. well now the latest from the scene of that deadly plane crash in taiwan. >> 31 people killed. meanwhile, families of the dead held a prayer service at the site. the airline transasia announced it will pay the equivalent of $38,000 to the victims' families to cover funeral expenses. more from david kerley. >> reporter: three different dash cams capture the scene. the final seconds of the transasia turboprop's flight. look the plane appears to be level. suddenly its left wing dips. it's out of control impacting the bridge before crashing into the river. crews working in the shallow water able to rescue 15 people including four children including a 2-year-old. the fuselage pulled from the river in darkness. this nearly new european built atr 72 had just taken off when the pilot radioed, mayday and engine trouble.
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in the air for less than four minutes, the dramatic pictures frame by frame provide plenty of clues. >> the right engine appears to still be spinning and the engine probably is not spinning on the left-hand side. >> reporter: they will check the engines of its similar aircraft and black boxes have been recovered and should give us a good idea why this went down so dramatically. david kerley abc news miami international airport. breaking overnight health insurer anthem suffered a major hack attack potentially exposing the personal information of 80 million people. the nation's second largest health insurer provider says hackers pulled off a sophisticated breach accessing details like names, addresses and social security information. the fbi is on the case. also new overnight the search is on for a shooter who opened fire outside a maryland high school last night. injuring two teenagers. at the time hundreds of students were attending a basketball game
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at the frederick county school near washington, d.c. the sound of the gunshots sent them running for cover. it looks like the victims are going to be okay. investigators not sure exactly what sparked the shooting. well the northeast is getting a fresh coat of snow from a storm sweeping from the great plains. >> snow made for a slow and dangerous evening commute across the ohio valley where there were hundreds of crashes. accuweather's stephanie olmo is tracking all of it including flooding rains in california. good morning to you. >> good morning, reena and t.j. we're dealing within arctic front bringing in snow showers across much of the northeast area here on this thursday. 1 to 3 inches is expected throughout much of the region. again, this is minor than what we saw the past week or two. now this system is going to combine with a second one coming in from the south. going to possibly see heavy snow across the eastern section of maine and also with the plunging temperatures slick travel is to be expected throughout much of the northeast getting into the mid-atlantic area.
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meanwhile, across the west heavy rain to make an impact across northern california, again, very beneficial for them 2 to 3 inches is expected in san francisco, also sacramento reena and t.j. back to you. >> stephanie, thank you very much. bipartisan support is building in congress to boost military aid to jordan after the horrific murder of a jordanian pilot captured by isis. the u.s. had already announced plans to increase aid to jordan to a billion dollars but the senate armed services committee is pressing the obama administration to quickly send even more money, weapons and even equipment to help jordan fight isis and skush its border with syria. well, concern about the nation's measles outbreak is bringing new attention to vaccination rates. a new report shows in 17 states almost half in the south more than 10% of preschoolers have not been vaccinated against the measles. but abc's dr. richard besser says the actual number could be even more alarming. >> it's even worse than that. there's some schools in those states where 30% to 40% of kids in the classroom are not
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vaccinated against measles. you need to know what's going on in your community and school. >> meantime, lawmakers in california where the outbreak started are proposing legislation that would require children to get their vaccinations before enrolling in school and eliminate the personal belief exemption but families with medical conditions could still opt out. president obama's pick as his fourth defense secretary is expected to win approval but that didn't stop republicans on the senate armed services committee from grilling ashton carter with a slew of foreign policy questions. carter is promising to be an independent thinker when it comes to issues like syria, ukraine and isis. his nomination is set to go before the full senate next week. the powerball is worth $360 million after no winning ticket was drawn last night. that could be about a quarter of a billion dollars if you took the payout. it's been nearly a year since it went above $300 next drawing saturday night.
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if you go to buy, i'll go in with you. >> if i buy one we're not splitting that sucker. still ahead what your use of emojis says about your sex life. what can brown do for you? apparently save your life. the u.p.s. driver at the right place at the right time. >> t
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♪ babies aren't fully developed until at least 39 weeks.
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a healthy baby is worth the wait. want to impose stronger internet rules to protect the rights of all users. the fcc is proposing that the internet be reclassified as a public utility much like land line phone services that would make sure service providers don't slow down or block the flow of content.
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the nation's first female postmaster general just started already talking about new sources of revenue. megan brennan points to the postal service testing grocery delivery in san francisco and water delivery in new york as new ways to generate income and she believes the agency must find a way to become relevant to younger consumers. the postal service had a $5.5 billion shortage in last year's budget. and cracker barrel is looking to cash in. the fast casual restaurant craze and the company says it's developing his own concept debuting before next summer. they first floated the idea to investors last month calling it part of a new strategy to extend its brand. in a little over a week "fifty shades of grey" hits theaters. already preordered my tickets. if you don't me that's sarcasm. the movie ticket company fandango says hundreds of showings are already sold out. maybe it's not my thing but that book was a phenomenon and a lot
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the new way to help make temptations shrink away on the go. a deliciously fresh and satisfying taste with 12 grams of protein 5 grams of fiber and 0% fat. new light & fit protein shakes. taste the power of satisfaction. ♪ dannon ♪ welcome back everybody. taking a look at the road slippery in the northeast as more snow comes down from new york to new england. wet ride in central florida. drivers in the west could face flash floods from northern california to oregon. much heavier rain expected there tomorrow. if you're flying weather-related airport delays possible in new york and new england. well we turn now to a deadly crash site in lubbock, texas, after a plane crashed into the tower of a tv station. >> the pilot was killed when it
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sliced the tower in half. the station knocked off the air. and the entire neighborhood lost power. the pilot was on approach to the airport when it went down. it's not clear if there was anyone else on board. well more emotional testimony expected today at the murder trial of former nfl star aaron hernandez. before beginning, his mother testified. the mother of odin lloyd did and was told by the judge she needed to keep her emotions in check and could not cry on stand. she did just that. lloyd's girlfriend testified how hernandez tried to console her after lloyd's death. >> did he say he's been through this and that it will get better with time. >> i believe he said i've been through this death thing before. it will get better with time. >> the defense trying to establish that hernandez and lloyd were good friends. prosecutors countered that by trying to show they weren't that close. and were only in the beginning stages of a friendship. another high-profile trial begins today, a former marine on trial in texas accused of
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killing navy s.e.a.l. chris kyle subject of "american sniper." the war vet is charged with shooting him and another man two years ago. his lawyers say he planned to plead not guilty by reason of insanity. miami beach and a would-be robber was forced to run off empty-handed when his victim put up a fight that he wasn't expecting. look at this. the man seen trying to snatch a purse. she was not letting that bag go. the robber drags her around the parking lot. she scrapes her knees and elbows. he's tugging on the bag and eventually gives up and gets out of there. she keeps the bag. i don't know if the bag is what she loved so much or the contents were that precious for her but she won. i don't think police would recommend you do this necessarily but she came out on top in this one at least. we turn to a tragedy that was averted in ohio when a car got stuck in a snowy ditch. okay you're going to see it there. there it is engulfed in flames. the elderly driver was pulled
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from it. this guy is a total stranger. he decided to help out and spotted that. his name is derek wolf. he got it out after he smelled smoke. not a moment too soon. it appears he says he was in the right place at the right time. a milwaukee man says he is alive thanks to his u.p.s. driver. that man says he fell while shoveling snow and broke his hip. he managed to crawl only as far as his garage. that's when the u.p.s. driver rick knacker showed up with a delivery, heard the man yelling and called 911. >> someone upstairs told me to you know be there at that time and it worked out for the best. >> knacker got the man some water, kept him talking until help arrived and says this was a last stop at the end of a long day. a house where he had never before made a delivery. all right, let's turn to boston now. this morning in boston i wonder how they're doing. had a pretty big day. the super bowl celebration. >> tom brady had his son with him during yesterday's parade. all bundled up against the cold.
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coach bill belichick hoisting the vince lombardi trophy for fans to see. >> the star of the team or one of them but he was certainly the star of the parade that's gronk right there having a good time apparently thirsty. he is known for having a good time of the he was wearing a mon yons hat and had a deflated ball. hung out. just had a good time hanging out with the cops and the fans. >> if you're going to do it that's the day. football season officially over. but the nba in full swing. highlights from last night's actions from our guys at espn. >> this is the los angeles "sportscenter." this is the actual studio and desk. that's actually stan verrett. >> what else would it be? >> we had a wardrobe malfunction. i had a brutten break. >> while we mourn we'll take a look at the mavericks and warriors. steph curry and klay thompson got their all-star jerseys
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before the game and curry is like this is why i'm an all-star. 10 for 16 from three-point range in the game. that included 6 for 7 in the third quarter alone. he had 26 in the third quarter. his tom brady klay thompson had 37 in the third quarter a couple of weeks ago against the kings. curry with 51 season high warriors win it 128-114 over dallas. new orleans and oklahoma city. russell westbrook, making highlights. kevin durant not. big toe issues. westbrook, big game. tied his career high with 45 and this dude knows -- he is in attack mode constantly. thunder, 102-91 and the first of a home and home against new orleans. that's all we got. neil is going to get some thread.
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♪ kraft natural cheese starts with fresh milk carefully selected from only us dairy farms. because we know it takes something amazing, to make something amazing. ♪ ♪ all right, time to check "the pulse" and "sports illustrated" swimsuit model grabble all the headlines right now. >> the model getting all the attention. >> ashley graham will be the first plus size model to grace the pages of "s.i." all to help all women. >> there's no reason to hide her curves. she says women can be healthy at
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any size. the magazine goes on sale on monday. equal opportunity eye candy now for the throngs of "magic mike" fans. the i will traer to the much anticipated sequel has arrived. >> channing tatum posting on his facebook page a little cold outside? maybe this will warm you up. ♪ ♪ >> oh, my. "magic mike xxl" hits theaters this summer. the trailer was posted yesterday and already had more than 22 million hits. >> wow. >> people really into this huh ask. >> clearly, they made a sequel. >> you're not. with valentine's day just over a week away maybe you're thinking about your partner. some fascinating research would help you understand where you're headed. >> all about the length of a person's fingers. oxford university experts saying
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now that people whose ring finger is longer than their index finger are much more likely to cheat. >> come on. everybody's ring finger is shorter. they're more likely to be loyal, linked to the testosterone in your body. >> what do you do? yes. all right. come on. >> sleep well sweetie. it turns out using smiley faces in texts and e-mails can affect your sex life. >> this is so weird but true. according to, the site's new survey finds single people who use those smily faces have more sex than those who don't use them. researchers think that's because the little faces can make messages more flirty without being graphic. i think it makes people look weird. >> yeah they also had most popular are the wink the smile and the kiss in that order but if you get somebody who uses a lot of emojis and have a longer
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good thursday morning at 4:28. i am kristen sze. >> i am eric thomas. >> leyla gulen is here and meteorologist mike nicco? >> the hours past storm. we will show you how it is clouds this morning. nothing right now. everything is to the north or the west. that is how it will be in the morning commute. the fog is limited. it is pushing from the central valley to livermore. the foggy conditions we had to deal with are not around. you can see the breezes developing along the coast. 14 miles per hour at the bay and it will be worse in the afternoon. clouds through noon and at 4:00
4:29 am
in the upper 50's to mid-60's. rain in the north bay at 7:00. now the roads. >> we will look at how quiet the roads are at the bay bridge toll plaza where we do not have too much traffic. it is in good shape from the east bay. as we take you to san jose that is 87 beyond the tank. we have clear conditions. accident free. i will tell you where it is happening ahead. >> the bay area is ready for the rain. desperately needed but worrisome. especially in communities prone to flooding. amy hollyfield is in the north bay. amy? low-lying areas know the drill. when the storm is coming they have to get the sandbags out. the area is known to flood. mill valley is below sea level and they are ready.
4:30 am
sandbags are out the city. the city posts a weather alert to the website and officials will watch over the weekend. a key factor is the timing of the heavy rain along with the high tide. >> we will call it the king tide zone. that area along miller avenue and a few other low-lying areas particularly with high tide and rain it will be a problem. >> hardware and lumber companies brace for a rush of customers. last storm a lumber company sold 8,000 flashlights in two days. hopefully you have the flashlight handy and the batteries are ready to go. reporting in mill valley for abc7 news. >> southern marin is not the only area tak


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